2017 SPT Horseshoe Main Event Results

Congratulations to all our casher’s and to Barry Schultz for the title!  He not only won his 1st place victory, but a $2,500 package to attend the WSOP Senior’s Championship in Las Vegas!

Congrats to our Final Table Finishers as well!  Barry Schutlz, James Gidden,Timothy Brown, Steven Giddings, Connie Rice, Gabriel Ragsianti, Darrell Manning, Neil Manson, Gregory Gresham, and Jay Hendon  (ALL RESULTS BELOW)




1st Barry Schutlz $12,570
2nd James Gidden 7,771
3rd Timothy Brown 5,592
4th Steven Giddings 4,097
5th Connie Rice 3,059
6th Gabriel Ragsianti 2,319
7th Darrell Manning 1,793
8th Neil Manson 1,406
9th Gregory Gresham 1,222
10th Jay Hendon 908
11th Craig Weiner 908
12th Terry Obrien 908
13th Penny Parker 745
14th Stephen Hestroy 745
15th Winston Rice 745
16th Tracy Mead 624
17th Robert Carter 624
18th William Miller 624