2018 Golden State Senior Championship Results

Congratulations to Nancy Matson, our FIRST Golden State Senior Champion!

Thank you to all who came out to support this event!

1st Nancy Matson, Los Angeles, CA $7,260
2nd Damon Summers Glendale, CA $4,590
3rd Nicholas Dye, Rverside, CA $2,975
4th Ed Middlebrook, Aliso Viejo, CA $2,085
5th Guy Magar, Los Angeles, CA $1,595
6th Kathy Kelly, Ontario, CA $1,290
7th Marc Spitaleri, Huntington Beach, CA $1,050
8th Elaine Colton, Huntington Beach, CA $870
9th Hal Strumpf, Rancho Palos Verdas, CA $730
10th Harold Roth, Burbank, CA $655