SPT Main Event at Stratosphere Casino Day 1a Results

Final Table Event 1














We had 21 people start the SPT Vegas Spring Classic Day 1a and we’re down to 10 players at the end of Day 1a. Interestingly enough, our chip leader Kim Schinco qualified as well as her husband Frank. Remaining players will return on Saturday to battle it out with tomorrow’s Day 1b qualifiers….will it be you?

Registration opens at 10AM for the 1PM start time! SPT Main Event $550 NLHE

Kim Schinco 160,500
Ted Rogers 92,500
Robert “Chip Burner” Turner 78,500
Monti Schmidt 76,900
Mike Hack 51,700
Brian King 33,400
Keith Boniface 31,200
Frank Schinco 28,300
Yvonne Brasfield 26,700