“Tommy Quads” Kougias Wins SPT Vegas Classic Series Main Event

After many hours of play, the final 7 decided on a chop.  “Tommy Quads” Kougias of Las Vegas, NV was a significant chip leader and took home the trophy, title and points for SPT Player of the Year! Congratulations Tommy!


SPT-Strat Main event winnerSM

1st “Tommy Quads” Kougias, Las Vegas, NV $4,966
2nd Mike Hack, Las Vegas, NV $3,584
3rd Keith Boniface, Henderson, NV $3,64
4th Kirk Wilson, Henderson, NV $2,970
5th Kim Schinco, Freeland, MI $2,938
6th Brian King, Las Vegas, NV $2,824
7th Marsha Waggoner, Downey, CA $2,216
8th Douglas McQueer, Hammond, NY $500







Main Event final table















Vegas Spring Classic Final Table is set!
Seat 1: Brian King, Las Vegas, NV
Seat 2: Vannaly Bunchongparu, Loas, Thailand
Seat 3: Keith Boniface, Henderson, NV
Seat 4: Ted Rogers, Puyallup, WA
Seat 5: Marsha Waggoner, Downey, CA
Seat 6: Mike Hack, Las Vegas, NV
Seat 7: Kim Schinco, Freeland, MI
Seat 8: Kirk Wilson, Henderson, NV
Seat 9: Tommy Quads Kougias, Las Vegas, NV
Seat 10: Douglas McQueer, Hammond, NY

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