About SPT



Established in 2013, Senior Poker Tourâ„¢ is the newest and most exciting poker tour to hit the industry. The tour provides a venue to feature senior players with a traveling series filled with a wide variety of games that many grew up on. The series not only includes Texas Holdem, but includes other mixed games of Omaha 8, Stud 8, Horse, and Pot Limit Omaha.

To add another dimension to the tour, we studied the Senior player market and created an exclusive opportunity for competition and prestige. Thus, the State Senior Poker Championship series of events were developed.

The State Championship series is available to be hosted in any state with legal gaming. We welcome casino partners to join the tour and participate in this exciting and prestigious championship series. It is exclusive to the property we partner with… the State championship series is limited to one property per state.

We also have other tournament event series designed to meet the needs of all properties and welcome a discussion on how to best meet your needs.