SPT Horseshoe Tunica 2016

April 24th, 2016 Main Event Final Table Event #4

121 Players, Prize Pool $59,315

(1st place winner was to receive a Cardplayer Cruises Cruise Along with the Championship Trophy, a deal was made between 1st and 2nd place finishers)

1st   Connie Rice, Forest City, AR  $16,605 and a Cardplayer Cruises Cruise!

2nd  Harvey Brooks, Tupelo, MS  $10,267 and the SPT Championship Trophy

3rd  James Arnold, Greenwood, MS  $7,408

4th  Jim White, Daytona Beach, FL  $5,445

5th  Claude Hartsfield, Conway, AR  $4,069

6th  John Achor, Little Rock, AR  $3,096

7th  RC “Chuck” Lamb, Nashville, TN  $2,390

8th  David Hayes, Clinton, MS  $1,880

9th  John Gilbert, Huntsville, AL  $1,501

IMG_0406 IMG_0407








Connie Rice, Main Event Winner









April 24th, 2016 Green Chip Bounty Event #9

75 Entrants, Prize Pool $13,125

1st  Greg Shivers, Hoover, AL  $3,124

2nd Linda Johnson, Las Vegas, NV $1,933

3rd  Henry Harden, Pontotoe, MS  $1,273

4th  Robert Rose, Birmingham, AL  $890

5th  George Scarborough, Pittsburgh, PA  $660

6th  Michael Edwards, Bolton, MS  $516

7th  James “Big Al” Williams, Clarksdale, MS  $424

8th  Christian Anderson, Dedham, ME  $368









April 23nd, 2016 Tag Team Switch Event #8

The tag team switch event turned out to be a big hit with our players and made for a very fun night.

108 Players, Prize Pool $10,476


Team #1

Duane Smith- Lake Mary, FL  and Patti Mankowski, Birmingham, AL

Team #2

April Adams, Mantachie, MS and Tommy Adams, Mantachie, MS

Team #3

Tom Murray, Robinsonville, MS and Bill Sims, Carbondale, IL

Team #4

Barry Anderson, Austin, TX and Robert Bixler, Memphis, TN

Team #5

Pat Williams, Golden, MS and Michael Knowles, Parts Unknown

Team #6

Sara Lacroix, Englewood, FL and David Lindahl, Little Rock, AR

Team #7

Woody Hogan, Memphis, TN and Gary Bass, Memphis, TN

Team #8

Grover Faulkner, Tuscaloosa, AL and Stanley Avery, Tuscaloosa, AL

Team #9

Preston McEwen, Memphis, TN and Dee Sayre, Cordova, TN

Team #10

Teresa Lammie, Arlington, TN and Bill Tabah, Germantown, TN


1st  Patrick Williams and Michael Knowles  $3,929

2nd Sara Lacroix and David Lindahl  $2,430

3rd  Woody Hogan and Gary Bass  $1,592

4th  Teresa Lammie and Bill Tabah  $1,100

5th  Grover Faulkner and Stanley Avery  $807

6th  Preston McEwen and Dee Sayre  $618


April 22nd, 2016 Juniors Vs Seniors Event #6

Having a great time with the Jr Vs Sr event! Not only is there the regular prize pool, but the Horseshoe has added on a SPT Main Event to the Last Senior Standing and a $160 Seat and $400 in cash to the Last Junior Standing! Best of luck to the players!

72 Player, Prize Pool $13,968

1st Carl Masters $4,749 (Junior Winner)
2nd Kat Trabert $2,939 (Senior Winner)
3rd William Fitzgerald $1,935
4th Walter Smith $1,353
5th Michael Baldwyn $1,003
6th James Callee $785
7th Yolanda Jones $645
8th RomanCarley $559

final table winner









April 22nd, 2016 Main Event Day 1a

We have reached the end of Day 1a!  The following player will be returning for Day 2 on Sunday. Players return for Level 12. Blinds are 1,200 – 2,400 with a 300 ante.

23–8 James Arnold, Greenwood MS 147,100
24–3 Steve Giddings, Ruston LA 145,600
21–5 John Gilbert, Huntsville AL 120,600
23–1 Connie Rice, Forrest city AR 104,600
24–8 penny Parker, Richardson TX 95,300
21–6 Dennis Crowden, Decatur AL 95,100
21–1 James A Vice Senior Harald MS 75,000
21–4 Tim Leslie Salem A.R. 68,800
23–7 Michael Hammond Katie TX 68,100
23–6 Susie Isaacs Las Vegas NV 48,000
24–6 Leron Harris Pleasant Plains AR 46,800
21–8 Larry Walker Lufkin TX 21,100
21-9 Dale Hinson Byhalia MS 20,900

April 22nd, 2016 Main Event Day 1a


SPT Pro Duke of Fremont Street and our own Hal, “The Voice of the Senior Poker Tour”

Mega and Single table satellites running all day! Opened with 42 players in the main…  20 more players qualified for tomorrow’s start so it should be a nice field.

April 21st, 2016 Event #2 $225 NLHE
95 Players  Prize Pool $18,430

Congratulations to Nasrd on his first place win!

Nasrd Qusaus
1st Nasrd Qusaus $5,530
2nd Michael Hammand $3,417
3rd Steven Abraham $2,433
4th Lee Rice $1,767
5th Connie Rice $1,309
6th Glen Biddle $988
7th Rowe Lamb $761
8th Ronnie Faith $595
9th Susie Isaacs $475



April 21st, 2016 Event #1 $175 NLHE

87 Players  Prize Pool $12,658


Event #1 Final Table

Event #1 Final Table

1st Chip SkinnerMemphis, TN $3,950

1st Chip Skinner Memphis, TN $3,950

2nd Rich LeschinskyFreeport, TX $2,419

2nd Rich Leschinsky Freeport, TX $2,419

3rd Connie RiceForrest City, AR $1,752

3rd Connie Rice Forrest City, AR $1,752

Linda Johnson

4th Linda Johnson Las Vegas, NV $1,276

5th Mark MeadOlive Branch, MS $939

5th Mark Mead Olive Branch, MS $939

6th David JordanHot Springs, AR $701

6th David Jordan Hot Springs, AR $701

7th Saeed Eric NiaMemphis, TN $563

7th Saeed Eric Nia Memphis, TN $563

8th Janie PatersonTulsa, OK $470

8th Janie Paterson Tulsa, OK $470

9th Sam EllisHernando, MS $403

9th Sam Ellis Hernando, MS $403

10thb Glen BiddleCenterville, AR $185

10thb Glen Biddle Centerville, AR $185