2018 Horseshoe Event #6 Junior Vs Senior

Preston McEwen Junior Winner and 1st Place

Looks like the Juniors took this event down this year…  Congratulations to Preston McEwen on the win! He also won a seat into the Run Good Series coming up in April at the Horseshoe!

Our second place finisher is also our Last Senior Standing… Ronald Miller!  He won a seat into the Magnolia State Senior Championship and his prize money.  Congratulations on his win as well!

Sr Winner – Ronald Miller

Junior Preston McEwen & Senior Ronald Miller







Entries 91 Players

1st Preston MCEwen $3,411
2nd Ronald Miller $2,109
3rd Donald Marffray $1,502
4th Michael Miller $1091
5th Christina Vandiver $808
6th John Beatty $610
7th John Davis $470
8th Robert Parnell $367
9th Tim Leslie $293
10th Donna Houle $238
11th Stephen Gardner $238
12th Karen Miller $238

Congratulations to our final table winners too!

Final Table Winners!