2018 Magnolia State Junior Vs Senior

Preston McEwen Junior Winner and 1st Place

Looks like the Juniors took this event down this year…  Congratulations to Preston McEwen on the win! He also won a seat into the Run Good Series coming up in April at the Horseshoe!

Our second place finisher is also our Last Senior Standing… Ronald Miller!  He won a seat into the Magnolia State Senior Championship and his prize money.  Congratulations on his win as well!

Sr Winner – Ronald Miller

Junior Preston McEwen & Senior Ronald Miller







Entries 91 Players

1st Preston MCEwen $3,411
2nd Ronald Miller $2,109
3rd Donald Marffray $1,502
4th Michael Miller $1091
5th Christina Vandiver $808
6th John Beatty $610
7th John Davis $470
8th Robert Parnell $367
9th Tim Leslie $293
10th Donna Houle $238
11th Stephen Gardner $238
12th Karen Miller $238

Congratulations to our final table winners too!

Final Table Winners!