The origins of Omaha Hi/Lo poker by Robert Turner

Poker_Omaha_Texas_Hold_em_Poker_200xA wonderful article by Team SPT Pro Robert Turner for Gaming Today Magazine.  Very interesting read, especially if you’re an Omaha player.

I get asked all the time, “Did you really invent Omaha poker?” Well, here is the true story. I am credited with inventing the game, and this is how it came about.

In the South during the sixties we played some crazy games like Greek Hold’em at the Greek club in Memphis and Spit in the Ocean, both early versions of today’s Omaha.

I like to tell the story that everyone cheated in the South, and in our Hold’em games so many players were holding out that we did not have enough cards to deal. So I came up with the idea of giving everyone two extra cards so they could practice holding out. But the trick was they had to use two cards at the end.

That’s not quite the truth, but it is close.  Click here to read the full article.